Mission & Values

Our MISSION: We exist to help every person realize they are fully known and fully loved by God.

We Accomplish This Through Our Three Strategic Philosophies:


It’s our desire that everyone who comes to Bridgeway would come to know and follow Jesus. We want to see people awakened to the truth of who He is and see them restored in the light of His grace and mercy.


We wholeheartedly believe that we were meant to be in Christian community with one another. The scriptures tell us to gather together, worship together, break bread together, remember our Lord and Savior through the practice of communion together, and seek the edification of one another. We want to see all who come to Bridgeway get rooted in spiritual community and experience a deeper level of discipleship beyond the weekly worship experience. 


Lastly, in addition to knowing and following Jesus, growing with one another in spiritual community, we also encourage all of our people to answer the call to make disciples outside our church walls, right in the heart of their very own local community. While the Sunday gatherings help to extend the gospel to all who come, it is ALL of our responsibility to go and make disciples. We believe that every follower of Jesus has all he/she needs to reach those around them. We’ve been commissioned by our King to live bold and deeply love the people in the natural rhythms of our lives. We accomplish our engagement by loving those around us, challenging them towards wholeness in Jesus, and serving others around us in whatever capacities we can.

Our Values

The following values are the thoughts and beliefs that drive our behavior at Bridgeway.