Small Enough to Care - Large Enough to Dare


What Are Small Groups?

A Small Group is a FAMILY of MISSIONARY SERVANTS that are committed to doing life together while following Jesus in the everyday stuff of life. Simply put, they are disciples who make disciples, that are defined by the following: 

  • FAMILY:  A Small Group lives like a family because we are loved by the Father. As his family, we share our time and money; joys and concerns. We not only know God’s Story, we also know each other’s story.  
  • MISSIONARY:  A Small Group lives like missionaries because we are sent by the Spirit. As his missionaries, we are Spirit-led and Spirit-filled people radically reorienting our lives to reach a particular place and people. 
  • SERVANTS:  A Small Group lives like servants because we are submitted to the Son. As his servants, we live in our neighborhoods and work in our community so that our lives demand a Gospel explanation.

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Looking For A Different Type Of Group?

  • Serving Groups:  Serving Groups are not only a place to do ministry with others, they are also a place to do life with others. Whether it’s on Sunday mornings in our Connections Team, Student or Children’s Ministries, or serving the homeless through Soul Food, there is a Serving Group for you.
  • Women’s Groups:  Women’s Groups are a not only a place where you can connect with God, but they are also a place to connect with women. Groups meet on Tuesday mornings, Sept-April (childcare is available), and during the week at convenient times whether you are a working in the marketplace or at home.
  • Men’s Groups:  Men’s Groups are a place where men not only share their common faith in God, but they are also a place to share their common struggles with others. Groups typically meet in the mornings at local coffee shops or breakfast joints, but we also have groups that meet during the evenings in local pubs.   

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