Connections Team Member

Ministry Area: Connections Team
Time Commitment: Serve during our 10am service on either the 1st & 3rd or the 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month.
Coordinator: Jeremiah Brown

A God experience often begins with a good experience.  When people enter a place feeling welcomed, valued and connected, their hearts are better prepared to hear from God. If people don’t feel welcomed, are confused about where to go, or have a bad experience when they enter, they will not be as receptive to hearing the Gospel. By giving people a good experience, you can make it more likely that they will experience life change. The Connections Team at Bridgeway consists of the following volunteer positions:

  • Team Captain
  • Lobby Host
  • Greeter
  • Connection Center Host
  • Section Leader
  • Door Usher
  • Coffee Ninja 

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