Thriving In Your Walk With God

April 24, 2018
Thriving In Your Walk With God

Last May, during our Core Gathering, we set a few goals for the coming year. Some of them we’ve hit and others we missed. One of the goals that we set was to have a leadership development plan in place as well as a discipleship strategy. We have made some strides toward these two goals, both of which are seen in the “Thrive” classes you’ve heard us talking about for the past couple of months.

The word Thrive is a verb that means “to develop or grow vigorously.” This is why we chose that title for these two tracks of classes. Whether it be in your leadership potential, or in your understanding of what it means to practically follow Jesus, we want you to grow thrive. We kicked off the leadership development track last month with a basic leadership class called “Developing the Leader Within You.” On Wednesday, April 25th, we’ll offer our first strategic discipleship track, a learning lab called “Thriving in Babylon.” This lab will be led by Paul Bishop and is intended to help you flesh out what it means to be a Christian in this post-Christian world. This lab will be interactive and will last for five Wednesday nights.  Following “Thriving in Babylon,” we’ll offer the next leadership track class during the summer. Stay tuned for details!

As you may remember, one of our core values is "Intentional Generosity." When we discussed this value, we said we would never ask you to give your time to something that wasn’t important. We know your time is valuabl,e and we don’t want to waste it.  We’re excited about the Thrive series of classes and want to ask you to prayerfully consider being involved. You can register for the next one here, and the classes are always free. 

Kenny Panduku, Lead Pastor