The Nic Chick Project

June 12, 2016
The Nic Chick Project

As a parent, could you imagine serving your child only beans and rice each day at every meal? For most of us in America, having only beans and rice to eat is far from our reality. Although tasty, Nicaragua’s “gallo pinto” (beans and rice) is a daily staple in the diet of Nicaraguan families. In Masatepe, Nicaragua, the town where Bridgeway’s missionaries Brandon and Hannah Weidman reside, it is sometimes the only meal that is served to local kids on a daily basis.

With a goal to provide access to food, freedom and forgiveness to those who live in Masatepe, the Weidman’s have identified that Nicaraguan children are not eating enough animal protein and have taken action to help. They have purchased and staffed a chicken farm with 1,400 chickens that produce an egg a day. Animal protein is necessary for healthy brain development and critical thinking skills in young children. By adding one egg per day to a preschooler’s diet, a child’s health can improve dramatically. 

Eggs are an affordable source of protein in Nicaragua and so the children of Bridgeway are helping to provide an egg a day to Nicaraguan preschoolers by raising $1,000.00 to buy 10,000 eggs. Those eggs will be distributed to a local Nicaraguan preschool and provide each child with an egg a day for an entire year!  We are calling this initiative to raise funds the “Nic Chick Project.”

nic chick 2

At Camp Mission Adventure, an event for elementary age children at Bridgeway on June 17 and 18, kids and guests will bring their dollars and coins to raise money for the "Nic Chick Project" to purchase 10,000 eggs to help preschoolers in Nicaragua. We are excited to teach children the joy of giving generously to help the needs of others. These eggs will be given in Jesus’ name and provide an opportunity for the love of Jesus to be shared with the children and families in Masatepe and El Tanque, Nicaragua.  

In addition to providing an egg a day, Brandon and Hannah are providing education to parents. Most Nicaraguan parents think beans and rice are sufficient enough and, on the occasion when they may have money for a treat, they purchase chips and soda for their child. Many children in Nicaragua are on a trajectory of becoming diabetic so the educational component for parents is a big part of the "Nic Chick Project" as well.

If you’d like to donate to the "Nic Chick Project", you can make a one-time gift online. May God be glorified as we meet this critical need in preschooler’s lives!

Lori Salomo | Children's Pastor | Bridgeway