Summer Service Times

May 17, 2019
Summer Service Times

As summer approaches, we wanted to take a moment and update everyone of a scheduling change for the summer. For several months, the pastoral staff and elders have been considering the option of merging to one service, and through much prayer and discussion, we have decided to make that move starting on Sunday, June 2. This change, for now, is a temporary one and will be re-evaluated at the end of August. We made this decision for a few reasons:

  1. Due to vacations and travel, most churches will see a decrease in their attendance. After researching our own attendance trends, we found this to be true too. While looking at our attendance, we also have noticed that the attendance during our 9:15am service is considerably lower than our 10:45am service. We felt that having a season where those numbers would drop even more would not be in the best interest of the church or those looking for a vibrant, growing congregation. The last thing we want people to think when they walk into one of our gatherings is, "Where is everyone?"
  2. We also believe this change will better position us for the future. Although the attendance has been stagnant and low for our first service, that has not been the case for our later service. Combining our community on Sundays allows us to better serve those who attend, especially in the summer, with a critical mass and an environment that reflects who we believe we are, a vibrant, healthy church. 

So, the plan is to meet for one service at 10:00am starting on June 2 and then re-evaluate after we get through the month of August. Being a church of our size, with a facility of our size, we know that we have the space for this move and trust God will bring the momentum we need to continue to grow. We realize this will require some changes in your morning routine and it might cause some shifting in our volunteer scheduling, but our hope is that everyone can adjust and see the potential a move like this can make for the Bridgeway community. We look forward to worshipping together as one body and one family at one service this summer!

If you have questions about this decision, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Also, make plans to join us for the Core Gathering, this Sunday at 6pm, as we discuss in more detail the future God has for us and celebrate what God is doing at Bridgeway.

- Kenny Panduku, Lead pastor