Parenting From Diapers To The Cap And Gown

June 8, 2016
Parenting From Diapers To The Cap And Gown

When a child is born we have approximately 940 weeks with that child untill they graduate from high school. I know for myself, that sounds like an incredible amount of time. Yet as I prepare for my oldest daughter to head off to college this fall, I have been very reflective in where the “940” gone.

As a parent you start to think, “Did I spend enough time with my kids? Did I do my best? Do they know they are loved?” and the list goes on in our minds.  Each phase of our kids' lives offer so much.  Has anyone ever told you, “They grow up fast!”?   There have been moments when I thought my kids were growing up so fast but then I would tell myself I still have lots of time with them. I have learned that "940" wasn’t waiting for me to get the house clean, mow the lawn, put in extra time in the office. "940" kept coming week in and week out. Now, I have 12 weeks left till my oldest leaves our house for good. 

There is nothing that prepares a parent for these moments. I want every moment and phase to matter in my kids' lives. Our kids are on loan to us from God. What we do with them and how we raise them is up to us. Sure we need God’s help and direction, but we have 940 weeks to do the best job we can. 

For our family we thought about the person we wanted each child to become when they leave our house. We basically "imagined the end" and mapped what that looked like backwards. We knew that investing in their character, morals, beliefs, heart for the world and having a healthy worldview would help them in this life. "940" gives us a chance to help our kids start creating their legacy now and become the person they will one day be when they leave us and enter the real world on their own.

I have never looked at time as my friend, but the time we use to invest in our children’s lives will not return void.  Make every moment count! 

Tony Jacobs | Student Ministries Pastor | Bridgeway