Our Family Ministries Pastor Transition

March 4, 2020
Our Family Ministries Pastor Transition

We want to provide you with an important update regarding the transition of our Family Pastor and his family. As you probably know, we announced previously that the Baumann family will be moving to Nashville, Tennessee for Amy’s job at the end of the school year. This means that Eric, who has been serving as Family Pastor at Bridgeway since 2017 will be transitioning off staff. As previously announced, Eric’s last Sunday will be March 22nd. At our last Core Gathering, we announced that due to several factors, not the least of which is budgetary restrictions, we are not planning to replace this position full time.

I am pleased to announce that we have filled the needed positions on a volunteer basis. Heather Harris will assume the new role of Children’s Ministry director. Heather and her family have been at Bridgeway basically since its inception and she is already a vital part of our children’s ministry team. Heather will lead our qualified team of volunteers as they serve birth through 4th grade.

In our Student Ministry, encompassing 5th grade through graduation, we have a talented and dedicated group of volunteers that have been pouring into student lives for some time. With the transition, Jeremiah Brown will begin serving as our Student Ministry Director. To support this, Matt Huffman will focus on High School Ministry and Andy Harris will focus on Middle School ministry.

As I stated at the last Core Gathering, we could not move forward with any of these plans were it not for all of our talented volunteers. We simply could not do ministry at Bridgeway the way we do without all of their, or without your, help. Because these tasks were previously accomplished through a full-time position, we are asking for a few things as we seek to fill these spaces with volunteers. Will you pray for our volunteers? Pray for wisdom and courage and pray for God’s grace as some seek to fill roles that will represent an increase in responsibility. We ask for your patience through the transition. While we are certain the ministry at Bridgeway will continue unhindered, there may be some growing pains. Be patient with us as we work through all of the transitions.

I’ll make one final request. We on the Staff and Elder Board would prefer not to use volunteers to fill these positions. Not because we don’t value volunteers, but because we recognize that the time and energy that goes into these jobs is worthy of being paid...particularly the Children’s Ministry Director position. However, the budget simply will not allow for this at this time. If you are not currently tithing to your church, would you prayerfully consider doing so? If you have questions about tithing and what it entails I would be happy to have that conversation. It is the belief of myself and your Board of Elders that were we tithing as we should be, we could afford to pay, at least a stipend, to these volunteers.

As always, thank you for all you do!

Kenny Panduku
Lead Pastor
Bridgeway Community Church
w: 317.489.2948
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