Love Where You Live

May 10, 2018
Love Where You Live

As Spring FINALLY sets in around Fishers, we find ourselves in the middle of a series at Bridgeway called “FOR.”  The simple idea is that when most unchurched people think of the church, they think of what the church is AGAINST. We want to be known for what we are FOR. And simply stated, we are FOR Hamilton County.  We are for Hamilton County because we believe God is for Hamilton County. We want to see local businesses thrive, local schools succeed, and we want our neighbors to feel loved and cared for. We’ve been using the hash tags #ForHamiltonCounty and #LOVEwhereyouLIVE on social media as we interact with various people and places in our community.

The FOR series is going to culminate Memorial Day weekend into something that will be a little different for Bridgeway. On Sunday, May 27, we will not be having regular church services. Instead, we will meet in the church parking lot at 9:00am for a brief time of prayer and then we are going to send one another out into the community to perform various acts of service (aka - #LOVEwhereyouLIVE). We have been asking you to submit project ideas that would be helpful in your neighborhood. Perhaps you have a neighbor who needs some yard work done or some work around the house and they are unable to perform it themselves. We would love to be able to help. We also have planned a couple of projects in the area of the church that will help “beautify” the community around our church and local businesses.

Our prayer is that this day of service will be a visible reminder to the community that Bridgeway is FOR them and a good reminder to our church people that the church is not a place, but is a people. A people who are #ForHamiltonCounty.  There is still time to register to serve on that day. We are asking all who plan to attend to register so that we have a good head count for placement with various projects. Anyone who registers, by May 13, is gauranteed to receive a free t-shirt (that will actually fit), after that date it will be first come first serve. You can go here to register your family. Also, if you have a project idea, there is still time to submit it. You can do that on our website.  Finally, pray with us that God will use this day and our church to show our neighbors that we are FOR them because God is FOR them and loves them. #LOVEwhereyouLIVE


Kenny, Lead Pastor @ Bridgeway