Facilities Update

November 7, 2017
Facilities Update

We wanted to take an opportunity to provide everyone with an update regarding our facilities. If you attended our last Core Gathering or listened to the recording, you are aware that we were facing a decision about whether or not to vacate our Annex. The biggest obstacle with this decision would be where and how we would do our middle school ministry. At the beginning of October, Eric Baumann and I sat down with some of our middle school ministry leaders to discuss what this might look like logistically. In that meeting we came up with a good plan and a good consensus and coupled with the expected financial savings, decided that it would be the best strategic decision to vacate our Annex and move the Student Ministry to the main building. 

At the end of October, we wanted to let the middle schoolers know of this decision first, so Eric and I gave them the following information.

The current plan is to make November 12th our last Sunday of Middle School ministry in the Annex. We'll celebrate the transition by having a big party that day.

For the rest of November and December we will welcome our students in to the main service so that we have time to renovate the current 2nd-4th grade room, which will serve as the new home of Middle School Ministry. Then, on January 7th, we'll move our students in to their new home. 

This will of course require some moving around of our current kid's ministry space. So the game plan will be to transition our elementary-age kids into the main two rooms on the left side of our children’s wing/hallway. The smaller room, currently not being used, will be our new space for K & 1, and our current K & 1 room (the large double room) will be used for grades 2-4 and our combined elementary large-group environment.  We feel this will actually be a better use of our current space and resources based on the current attendance. All spaces will be tweaked to make it more age appropriate. Also, please be assured that the level of excellence and engagement that our kids experiences on a Sunday will not be diminished. We think that it will actually be enhanced, and with your help as you process this with them, will be a positive experience for our kids, parents and volunteers.

I realize that for some losing the annex represents losing another piece of the past but we are excited about the move as it will not only save us some money but it will unite all of our ministries under one roof for the first time in several years. We are looking forward to the energy that it will bring by having our student ministry in the main building and excited for everyone to be able to see first hand the great job that our student ministry volunteers are doing every Sunday.

As always, if you have any questions about this or any of the other decisions we are making, don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your prayers for the church and for all you do for Bridgeway. I'm excited for the future!


Kenny Panduku

Lead Pastor