A Special Love Offering

July 23, 2016
A Special Love Offering

The early church in the book of Acts was known for taking of those in their community when they were in need. Bridgeway, whose core values come from the early descriptions of the church in Acts 2, has a unique opportunity to put its money where its mouth is. This Sunday, July 24, we will be receiving a special love offering for our missionaries, Brandon and Hannah Weidman, to help with their unexpected expenses during the Zika crisis in Nicaragua.

Brandon and Hannah were launched from Bridgeway a few years back, along with iTeams, to serve as missionaries in Masatepe, Nicaragua. The Weidmans operate a coffee shop and small business that not only meets the spiritual needs of the community, but also provides jobs andother resources for those they now live alongside.


Recently, the Zika virus has spread and affected all of its citizens, including Brandon, but miraculously not Hannah. Because Hannah was pregnant, and the Zika virus could easily be passed to unborn children through their mothers, the Weidmans had to make the hard desicion to send Hannah back to the safety of the U.S. to wait out the epidemic and give birth in Indianapolis. This desicion, as you can imagine, has brought numerous unexpected travel costs and medical expenses. In order to help, we are challenging those at Bridgeway to step up and help our misisonaries in their time of need.

Please consider participating in this special offering on Sunday, June 24 in person, or by simply giving your love offering online. Please keep the Weidmans in prayer, especially for the next couple of weeks, as Brandon will be traveling back to the U.S. for the birth of their child. To learn more about the Weidmans and their work in Nicaragua, and to explore how you can support them on a monthly basis on top of this week's love offering, visit their iTeams page.

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