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The Gospel of Mark: Week 43

Welcome back to our study on the Gospel of Mark! Today Pastor Kenny finishes up our discussion of Chapter 13, prophetic warnings about the coming upheavals in Jerusalem and Christ’s return.

The Gospel of Mark: Week 42

Join us today as we continue our study of the Gospel of Mark. Today we begin to discuss Chapter 13, Jesus’ apocalyptic teachings on the destruction of the temple, the fall of Jerusalem, and His return at the end of the age. While we do so, Pastor Kenny cautions that, as we develop and often disagree on our eschatology, we acknowledge that we can do so while remaining one Church body.

The Gospel of Mark: Week 41

Join us as we finish studying Chapter 12 of the Gospel of Mark! In this passage is Jesus’ explanation of the Messiah as coming from the line of David, as well as teachings on how we should serve and give to God in humility.


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